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Refrigerant 404A  R404a
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Specification of

Refrigerant 404A 

R 404A is a mixture azeotrope of R125, R143a and R134a, its use should be reversed, where the liquid phase is entered in the system, to obtain maximum results, refrigerant in the machine must be drained and replaced with the new, used usually for medium temperature cooling system, high.

404A (R404A) is a refrigerant that does not destroy ozone, an azeotropic mixture of HFC refrigerants R125, R143a and R134a, formulated to match the properties of R502, making it useful for a variety of applications of medium and low temperature refrigeration. R404A has been approved by many refrigeration compressor manufacturers, used in new refrigeration equipment, such as refrigerated food display and storage, refrigerated storage rooms, ice machines, refrigerated transport, and process cooling.

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