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Leak Detector merk ELITECH tipe WJL-6000
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Sell Leak Detector merk ELITECH tipe WJL-6000

Specification of Leak Detector merk ELITECH tipe WJL-6000

Leak Detector Elitech type WJL 6000 (Halogen Leak Detector)

Leak Detector serves to detect leaks in the cooling system.

- Detects Leaks in calls from freezing, cooling, and air conditioning

- This will respond to all halogen gases (including Chlorine and Fluorine). including

CFC for example R12, R11, R500, R503 etc.

HCFC eg R22, R123, R124, R502 etc.

HFCS eg R134a, R404a. R125 etc.

Other mixes, such as AZ50, HP62, MP39, etc.

- Detects leakage of Ethylene Oxide gas in hospital equipment sterilization

- Detect SF6 in high voltage circuit break

- Detects some gases including Chlorine, Fluorine and Bromine (halogen gas)

- Detects cleaning agents used in dry cleaning applications such as perchloroethylene

- Detects halogen gas in fire fighting systems.

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