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Compresor AC Daikin Scroll
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Specification of Compresor AC Daikin Scroll

Product Specifications: 

Daikin Scroll Compressor Category 
Daikin Scroll Compressor Type 
type HP 
JT - 95 BHBY1L 3 
JT - 125 BCBY1L 4 
JT - 160 BCBY1L 5 
JT - 236 DY1L 7.5 
JT - 265 DY1L 8 
JT - 300 DY1L 10 
JT - 335 DY1L 12 


Scroll compressors offer superior performance in almost all air conditioning and refrigeration applications. 

20 years of history in the making Daikin scroll compressor, manufacturing more than 1.2 million each year compressor means they can bring their expertise in this area for cooling the container industry. 

Daikin is the number one supplier of engines since 2003 reefer scroll Scroll Compressor has been adopted in most air conditioning and refrigeration applications due to its superior performance compared to alternative technologies.

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