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Daikin Compressor Rotary Type
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Specification of Daikin Compressor Rotary Type

Product Specifications: 

Category Daikin Compressor Type Rotary 
Daikin Compressor Type Rotary 
type HP 
YZG - 23 3/4 
YZG - 27 1 
YZG 36/212 RET 1.5 
YZH - K307 2 
YZG - 70 2.5 
YZG - 80 3 (220 V) 

Unlike many other manufacturers of air conditioning, Daikin manufactures its own compressor. 

This is important because the compressor is the heart of the air conditioning system, increasing the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant vapor, effectively concentrating the heat as it passes around the system. 

Daikin has always been at the forefront of compressor technology development and now offers a comprehensive range of swing, scroll and single-screw compressor. 

As a result, the inverter compressor controls applied across the entire range of our products, providing improved comfort and efficiency of the system.

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