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Chemours Freon R410a
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Specification of Chemours Freon R410a

Refrigerant Gas R.410a

410A is the leading HFC refrigerant for replacing R-22 in positive displacement residential and light commercial air-conditioning and heat pump systems. It has higher cooling capacity and significantly higher pressure than R-22 and should be used only in systems specifically designed for R-410A.

R-410A; A1 Safety Classification

New residential and commercial air conditioning and heat pumps.

Equipment designed for Freon™ 410A has up to 60% greater capacity than current R-22 equipment.
Air conditioning systems with Freon™ 410A can meet or exceed local energy performance guidelines, such as U.S. DOE guidelines for 13 SEER.

Phaseout Schedule
Consult the specific regulations in your country or region.

Lubricant Recommendation


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