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Refrigerant Chemours Freon R134a
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Specification of

Chemours Freon R134a

Refrigerant is a coolant or fluid used to absorb heat through the phase change from liquid to gas (evaporation) and discharges heat through the phase change from gas to liquid (condensation), so the refrigerant can be said to be a heat transfer in the cooling system.

We sell Chemours Freon R134a and we can meet the needs on a large scale.

R-134a; A1 Safety Classification

Medium- and high-temperature:
stationary commercial refrigeration
chiller equipment
home appliances
Retrofit existing R-12 refrigeration and air conditioning equipment
Broadly used in commercial and stationary applications.

Phaseout Schedule
Consult the specific regulations in your country or region.

Lubricant Recommendation
POE for stationary/commercial applications.

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