Kulthorn Fan Motor Type KJA4P712E
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16 Dec 2019
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Specification of

Product Specifications: 

Category Type Condenser Fan Motor Kulthorn KJA4P712E 


Fan Motor Kulthorn 


3H KHF 4000 

KHF 3T 4000 

3W KHF 4000 

KJF 4Y 700A 

KJA 4P 712E 

KJA 2S 4000 

KJA 2M 4700 

KJA 2M 4727 

KJA 2P 4700 


1/4 hp, 220 V, 1 phase 

1/2 hp, 220 V, 1 phase 

3/4 hp, 220 V, 1 phase 

16 W 

20 W 

1/20 pk 



18 W 


Kulthorn group was originally founded in 1965 to import cooling and air conditioning components from the United States, Europe and Japan. Since then, the Group has steadily grown over the last four decades, developing a range of products to become, today, a major supplier and distributor of high quality refrigeration and air-conditioning parts, as well as the quality pneumatic, hydraulic and other products from around the world. Over the years, the Group has established manufacturing and supply chain operations to supply the domestic and export market with a wide range of quality products and customer oriented services.

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