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Refrigerant R407c
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Specification of Refrigerant R407c

Refrigerant R407c

407C or known as SUVA 407c is a replacement refrigerant for HFC R22 refrigerant in positive / high displacement system, functioning either on new unit or existing unit, can be used for residential AC control temperature, commercial air conditioner and can be used in heat pump. The R407C offers performance similar to R22 and can be used to retrofit AC systems that use R22. 407C can also be used to replace R502 for some existing medium temperature applications, with evaporator temperatures above + 20 ° F (-7 ° C).

Used for app:

Used for positive displacement applications (high temperature)
Can be used for new AC units or existing AC units, can be used for residential air conditioners and commercial air conditioners
Can be used for medium temperature applications

It has properties similar to R22 in capacity and energy efficiency.
Recommended to use Polyester oil (POE) lubricant.

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