Refrigerant Chemours Freon MO79
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Chemours Freon MO79

ISCEON MO79 very easy to use, is an ozone damaging idak HFC, serves to replace the R22, R502, and HCFC blend a (for example, HP80, HP81, R408A) commercial and industrial equipment for the cooling system expansion directly at low temperature ISCEON MO79 suitable with traditional and new lubricants, in many cases do not need to be doneh than R404A. Used for applications: Commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment expansion directly with low-temperatureHP80, HP81, salnya, R408A) Retrofit easier than R404A and R507 Do not damage the ozone Not included in the list of the phaseout of Montreal Protocol Compatible with lubricating AB, MO and POE In most cases, no need for a change of the type of lubricant No need to replace existing equipment It is not easy terbaka Discharge temperature lower than that of R22, so tend to memperpanjang age of the compressor increase the capacity of coolingeral oil, alkylbenzene and polyol esters, in many cases no need for changes in the type of lubricant during the process of Lubrication takes place is determined by retrofit a number of operating conditions and design, in some systems with complex. piping configuration, POE might need to be added. Small equipment modifications (e.g., seal replacement) or expansion device adjustments or replacement may be required in some applications. The composition of the product (Component Weight%)


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