Refrigerant Chemours Freon MO59
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Chemours Freon MO59

Chemours Freon MO59 is HFC retrofit with cost effective and does not damage the ozone, is used to meretrofit the tool using R22, e.g.ial, including food service, supermarket refrigerated Displays, storage and food processing. Benefits: Efficient, cost-effective retrofits Do not damage the ozone In most cases no need for changes in the type of lubricant during the retrofit progressed, matched with traditional and new lubricants No need to replace existing equipment After the retrofit, ISCEON MO59 can be addedBSP; without having to drain the refrigerant in refrigeration Advantages: Has a lower discharge temperature compared to R22; so that tends to prolong the compressor On most systems provide the required cooling capacity Has been proven to save energy on some systems ISCEON MO59 is zero ozone substances (ODS) and, therefore, not subject to the phaseout rules Protocol Montre

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