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Refrigerant Chemours Freon MO29
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Specification of

Chemours Freon MO29

ISCEON MO29 is a cost effective HFC refrigerant, a non-ozone-controlling coolant / temperature (ODP = 0), used to replace R22 in medium temperature, in direct expansion applications (DX), (also applicable for low temperatures) including Commercial supermarket systems, air-conditioning applications, including DX water coolers.

Used For Applications:

Commercial coolers Medium temperature and industrial cooling DX (can also be used for low temperatures):
Food service
Refrigerated display in Supermarket
Storage and food processing
Ice machine
AC Housing and commercial
It is the best choice for DX water cooling applications
Benefits MO29:

Provides refrigerant retrofit that is efficient, cost-effective and easier to use compared to R-404A, R-507, and R-407C
HFC that does not damage ozone
In most cases there is no need to change the type of lubricant as long as the lubricant used is compatible with traditional and new lubricants
Field testing has been successfully done on many systems without TXV adjustments, but in the case of superheat changes may be required.
A TXV loading assessment is required to determine whether a TXV change is required
Equipment / unit does not need to be replaced
Has a GlobalWarming Potential value (GWP) 30% lower compared to R-404A and R-507
After the retrofit process, ISCEON MO29 can be added without having to drain the entire cooler
Recommended using mineral lubricant (MO), alkylbenzene (AB) and polyol ester (POE), in most cases no lubricant type change required during retrofit is performed.

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