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Specification of Refrigerant 123

Refrigerant 123

123 is a retrofit HCFC for R11 in a low pressure centrifugal cooling / temperature control system. The new centrifugal equipment designed with DuPont 123 provides excellent energy efficiency. If you want to change the system from the existing centrifugal cooling to R123, it requires modification of the system to increase capacity or avoid material mismatch. Consult OEM for specific guides.

Used for app:

  • Low-pressure centrifugal cooling
  • New centrifugal equipment

Benefits of Dupont 123:

  • Reduced overall operating costs on new equipment.
  • Proven as a good R11 replacement in chiller system worldwide.
  • It has excellent environmental properties, low ozone depletion (ODP) potential.

Recommended using lubricants: Mineral Oil (MO)

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